Penice, Val Trebbia and Brallo

Track which we can define mount, which includes two climbs long each more than 15 km. Length about 120 km, difference in altitude about 1800 meters, estimated time over 5 hours Go along the entire Staffora Valley up to Varzi where the first unplanned day begins, the climb to Passo Penice. This climb is one of those true, on this side of Varzi, if you want there are some variations that always lead to the top, but we take into consideration the classic way that follows the Statale del Penice. This climb can be divided into 2 sectors: The first one from Varzi up to the junction for Menconico, difficult at the beginning but which flattens after a few km; the second reaches up to the Penice pass, more difficult than the previous one but with a slight slope at the end.

We start the climb on a very large highway with good asphalt. The slopes are consistent and the road is always in the sun, but after a few km it begins to become less steep and when the various hamlets begin it is on a slight slope. After the junction with Menconico, the road begins to climb steadily again, but the roadway narrows a little and from this point there will be numerous sections in the shade of a luxuriant wood. The asphalt is good and regular, even if a little rough, which does not help. Extreme slopes are not seen, but it is rather regular and it is better not to overdo it. Reached the Pass, we are in Emila-Romagna province of Piacenza, we expect a long descent to Bobbio, pleasant town of Piacenza.

From here we go up the beautiful Valle Trebbia up to Ponte Organasco. It is almost impossible to describe the beauty of this valley and the Trebbia river that runs through it. It is necessary to visit it. From Ponte Organasco we take the direction towards the Passo del Brallo. Another climb of about 15 km, not with prohibitive slopes. At the Passo del Brallo you go away and along a pleasant descent you return to Varzi and then go in the opposite direction to the initial piece of our tour. Points of Interest, Varzi, Passo del Penice and relatico Santuario, Bobbio, Corte Brugnatella, Passo del Brallo.

penice trebbia brallo

Route information

Length: 120.54 km
Altitude difference: 999 m
Total ascent: 2.449 m
Total descent: 2.451 m