The restaurant

The cook Milena has been passing down ancient recipes for years, which are appreciated by the attentive gourmets who discovered us. The cuisine is home-made, genuine and with particular attention to local tradition and seasonal products. The dishes of our territory enjoy the gastronomic influence of Emilia, Piedmont, Liguria and certainly of Lombardy but it is the simplicity and quality of the ingredients of our dishes that will convince you to come back. At lunch you will enjoy a well-stocked buffet of salads, cooked, raw and grilled vegetables as well as omelettes and legumes. In our hotel the passion for gastronomy is integrated with that of health, which is why we know how to offer a different menu every day. With due notice, dishes can be requested for different culinary needs (vegetarian, vegan, celiac, halal, kosher).

Traditional cuisine

Among the classic dishes we can mention only a few to leave you the opportunity to try them for yourself.
The Salame di Varzi with the other cold cuts, the sweet and sour onions and the roasted Voghera peppers with the anchovy fillet are one of the favorite appetizers together with the incredible salad Russian. The Ravioli handmade with stew sauce, the malfatti and the risottos are another reason why those who try our cuisine cannot help but return regularly . For meat lovers, the rack of lamb with aromatic herbs, rabbit alla cacciatora or the tip of veal baked with seasonal side dishes are certainly worth trying. As for the homemade desserts, apple pie, almonds, millefeuille and fruit Bavarian are delicacies. The ingredients are natural, the procedures are skilful, the result is healthy.

We have menus for every need

Tourist menu, for sportsmen, banquets and aperitifs for events

In order to always guarantee you the best service, we suggest you book. During the summer, you can certainly use the garden for dinners or other outdoor events.

Discover the wines of Oltrepò

Our wines represent a careful selection of the Oltrepò Pavese offer: Cabanon, Montelio, Frecciarossa Giorgi and Montù are some of our historical labels.